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CPR Automotive’s team of ASE Certified mechanics are accustomed to working on all major brands of automobiles and can have your car tuned up and ready to go in no time. We are fully insured and offer competitive rates on our services. We’ll always deal with you fairly and never tack on any hidden fees or extras mid-job.

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Tuning – Brakes

Tune-ups: If you have noticed you’ve been paying more for gas, or if your vehicle releases clouds of white or dark smoke, you may be ready for a tune-up. A proper tune up consists of removing and replacing spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter, cleaning and replacing the pvc valve, adjusting the timing if necessary, visually inspecting fan belts, oil leaks, and hoses to determine if replacement is needed. Vehicles need to also be put on an engine analyzer to test the ignition wires and emissions.
Brakes: Whether its brake pad replacement, replacing brake cylinders or addressing anti-lock brake system issues, we provide a full service for all of your brake’s components. We can also perform routine maintenance as suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer, typically a brake system flush that involves removing air and moisture from your brake lines.



When it comes to engine service and repairs, we use the latest equipment and quality parts to get the job done right the first time around. Our ASE Certified mechanics will provide diagnostic service on your engine, so we know what needs to be done to get the best possible performance. CPR Automotive will have your engine running more efficiently and properly tuned. You’ll see that a regular automotive service with CPR Automotive can save you time and money in the long run, when it comes to your car.
Additional Services We Provide
► Block Heaters
► Clutches
► Computer Brake Service
► Computer Engine Tune-Up
► Computer Tire Balancing
► Computerized Alignments
► CV Joint & Axle
► Differential
► Electrical
► Exhaust / Mufflers
► Flywheel Resurfacing
► Fuel Injection Servicing
► Lube, Oil Filters
► Parts In Stock
► Shocks & Struts
► Towing Available
► Transmissions


“Out-of-alignment”, occurs when the suspension and the steering system are not working at their desired angles. In older vehicles, these conditions are most often caused by spring sag or suspension wear (bushings, ball joints, etc.) Another way to put the suspension out of alignment is an impact with a pothole or curb. Incorrect alignment usually results in more rapid tire wear.

The alignment of your vehicle should be:

  • Checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and
  • Whenever unusual tire wear patterns appear. You should also consider having your alignment checked after your vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or curb.

Getting an accurate wheel alignment is the most important step to balance the wear and performance your vehicle’s tires deliver. And getting wheel alignments on a regular basis will usually save you as much in tire wear as they cost, and should be considered part of your vehicles routine, preventative maintenance. It really is like getting your suspension system “tuned up”.


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